Да пока оно до новосибирска дойдет там половина пакетов устарет Нерентабельно

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и все же

я думал еще о том, как образ найти в инете и скачать в одночасье глухой полночью

не укажет ли кто-нибудь (два iso-два линка )?

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вот ссылка на новость

For Gentoo Power Users -- This 2-disc DVD set contains over 8GB of distfiles, everything you'd ever need to install 2004.3 on your system. The first disc is also bootable (containing the entire contents of the Gentoo x86 2004.3 CD1 in addition to ~4GB of distfiles.)

Here's how this distfiles set was created. First, we started from the Portage snapshot included in the 2004.3 release. Then, all relevant distfiles were selected for the "stable" branches (ie. "x86", "amd64") of 2004.3. By doing this, and leaving out all distfiles from the games categories (we hope to have some future offering for you gamers, don't despair,) it was possible to provide all the distfiles you'll need for the 2004.3 Portage snapshot on two DVD+R's.

This DVD set is burned on industry-leading Verbatim DatalifePlus media and packaged in a double DVD case.

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