Для тех кто ждёт Debian Lenny RC2/Release



Since about one week, we're more or less ready to release (even
before, indeed, but Otavio, our RM, was on holidays).

Sure, in the meantime, a few issues were discovered and fixed (such as
the Danish breakage or the partman-auto-lvm partition size calculation

But, still, the release process is ready to start.

From what I can remember (from memory and the LennyRC2Prep page),
we're now waiting for:

- last uploads to build everywhere (a few packages uploaded for the
Danish breakage were multi architecture-ones, particularly
cdebconf). That's probably OK now, just need to be checked
- 2.6.26-13 kernel upload and subsequent kernel udebs uploads
- transition requests

Is there something else missing? What can we do to speed up things?

*now* I think it is quite obvious that the whole Lenny Release process
is waiting for the installer's release.



Re: Для тех кто ждёт Debian Lenny RC2/Release

а когда sarge обновица? устал ждать уже...

eR ★★★★★ ()

Re: Для тех кто ждёт Debian Lenny RC2/Release

фига се, дождались

z0D5e8n7x ()

Re: Для тех кто ждёт Debian Lenny RC2/Release

более официальный комментарий к текущему статусу:

And finally: LENNY!
By my count, I've mentioned releasing Lenny eight times so far in this
mail. Damn, I think that makes nine... :-)

We're clearly very close to release; we've had the now-traditional
argument about the state of non-free and people are pestering
developers on a daily basis to find out when it will be ready. Well,
the exact date is up to the Release Team but here's hoping for
something very soon. There is still work that you can do to help: RC
bugs that can be fixed yet, translations to be completed and
installation tests to be performed when the second release candidate
for the Debian Installer lands. Lenny will be our biggest release
ever; let's help finish off the last few tasks and make it our best

Phew, that got much longer than I expected. That's it for now, and I
hope to see many of you at FOSDEM next month. If we can manage a Lenny
release by then, I'll be buying beer. :-)

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Re: Для тех кто ждёт Debian Lenny RC2/Release

ну всё ЩА будет :D

aptitude upgrade
W: The "upgrade" command is deprecated; use "safe-upgrade" instead.
Чтение списков пакетов... Готово
Построение дерева зависимостей
Чтение информации о состоянии... Готово
Чтение информации о расширенных состояниях
Инициализация состояний пакетов... Готово
Чтение описаний задач... Готово
Следующие пакеты будут обновлены:
apt apt-utils libcdparanoia0 libjack0 linux-image-2.6.26-1-amd64

это скорей всего версии для финала ;)

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Debian 5.0 ("lenny") release notes: Call for translations now

Hello world,

On 2009-01-18 18:33, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Given that D-I release is very near now, I think that a call for

> translation updates should be sent ASAP...

Yes! We can hope for the Debian 5.0 ("lenny") release
approaching really soon now. So please, check the translation
status of your favourite language, and fix any missing
translations now!

See this mail from october for technical details:

The SVN location of the release notes have changed since:

The current draft version is published on:

For any further questions, please ask on debian-doc@l.d.o.

Many thanks in advance!

anonymous ()

Re: Для тех кто ждёт Debian Lenny RC2/Release

[2009-01-22] Accepted 20090122 in unstable (low) (Otavio Salvador)
[2008-11-03] debian-installer 20081029 MIGRATED to testing (Britney)
[2008-10-29] Accepted 20081029 in unstable (low) (Otavio Salvador)

Имело место обновление debian installer, теперь можно смело устанавливать дистрибутив, единственное что ещё может быть не все переведено, но после aptitude update в дальнейшем это исправится.

anonymous ()
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