Mandrake 8.2 on IBM xSeries install problem



Коллеги, простите, я процитирую себя на аглицком...
в мандраке сегодня писал..

Please, look though this problem...
I'm a user of Mandrake 8.2
Today we have recieved a new big and black server
"IBM e-Server xSeries 220 Type 8646" ;-)

So, when I tried to install Mandrake 8.2 (CDRW disk) on it,
first of all it finds my SCSI device (all ok),
and then writes

"Trying to access a CDROM disc (drive LTN486S)"

the lamp on CDROM is shining, after that it's
shuts down,
and .... silence... ;-(
Nothing works, screen is not changing,
keyboard is not responding and so on...

Then I tryed to install Mandrake 8.1 on this server,
recored on CDR disk - all ok. It continues normally.

Hmmmmm... maybe my CDRW is damaged...
I made a copy of this disk... - the same old story -
not installs and breaks on the same place ?

Please help me. What it may be ? CDROM disk problems ?
Harware problems ? Or something else ?

Thank you...

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