Ошибки или что?




У друга что то вышло такое:

Check if system has the tools required for Packages Generation.
To build RPM packages 'rpmbuild' software package is necessary. Please install it either from DVD or download from any website.
On Red Hat, please run commnad : sudo yum install rpm-build <we presume, you have RedHat registration. Otherwise create local repo from DVD> 
On SuSE, please run commnad: sudo zypper install rpm-build <we presume, you have DVD in CD drive>
Please look in to Installer Notes for further information

To build kernel modules of AMD, system needs Kernel-Development package to be installed
Please run command: sudo zypper install kernel-devel <we presume, you have DVD in the CD driver>

One or more tools required for Graphics Pacakges Generation are not found on the system. Recommended is to install the required tools for successful package generation.
Optionally, you can run commands to ignore these dependecies but end result may not be as expected. Not recommended

и что ему надо я сам не пойму!

amd processor и встроенная видеокарта!

() автор топика

а в ответ на что это сообщение вылезло?

говорит, что нужно доставить пакеты kernel-devel, rpm-build, чтобы собрать Graphics Packages Generation.

aido ★★
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