debian etch, radeon 9600 mobile и direct 3d



Всем привет !

бьюсь над одной проблемкой - реально ли при данном раскладе(см сабж) получить поддержку директ 3д ?

а то на одном опенжл далеко не уехать ........... буду благодарен за любые советы =)

ЗЫ драйвера брал с сайта АТИ ....

Жоош ;)

D3D это часть DirectX - чисто виндовая библиотека.

К Linux никакого отношения не имеет

Linux (*NIX) это OpenGL по определению

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=)))))) гы ... грустно .... а то седега мне тут выдала что тест на всё кроме д3д не пройден .... а я что то стормозил =)

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>то есть я имел ввиду 3d acceleration

Это cedega не дружит с драйвером

Make sure that your video card has working 3D acceleration Some on-board and lower end video cards may fail the 3D acceleration test even when they are working correctly. Cedega's video card test threshold is set too high for certain cards. To manually test your video card please follow the steps below. To test your graphics card for OpenGL support execute the following command: $ glxinfo | grep "direct rendering" output will return "direct rendering:" If this is 'Yes' or 'Enabled' then OpenGL is likely set up correctly. If it is listed as 'No' or 'Disabled' then double check your 3D setup. You may also want to try a performance test. Type the following to run a simple benchmark included on most popular Linux distributions: $ glxgears The glxgears program will output an FPS (Frames Per Second) rating to the command line. If 3D acceleration is correctly enabled for your video card then the reported FPS should be well over 500 FPS, at the default window size. If the output shows less than 500 FPS then you should double check your 3D setup. If you are on a 64-bit machine, and your machine succeeds in the previous two tests but failed the 3D acceleration test in Cedega, then you may also wish to check that you have 32-bit OpenGL libraries installed. See below for more details. In some cases it is possible to have multiple OpenGL libraries installed on your system. If you are having problems with Cedega, you may wish to check whether this is the case for your system. You can do so by executing: $ locate libGL. This will display a list of all of the OpenGL libraries you have on your system. In particular, you should be wary of having libGL in both /usr/lib and /usr/X11R6/lib. Sometimes the software-only Mesa OpenGL libraries are installed in /usr/X11R6/lib, and hardware accelerated drivers are installed elsewhere. We do not recommend removing the Mesa libraries from /usr/X11R6/lib unless you are seeing slow rendering in games running under Cedega. If you are running a 64-bit distribution of Linux, and only see entries in a directory like /usr/lib64 and not /usr/lib, then this is a good indicator that you are probably missing 32-bit versions of the OpenGL libraries. If you are using a NVIDIA video card, then installing the 32-bit libraries means reinstalling your drivers and selecting "Yes" when prompted as to whether or not you wish to install 32-bit libraries. If you are using a NVIDIA video card, please make sure that the latest drivers from have been installed on your system, and that OpenGL is working properly. Some distributions custom build versions of these drivers for use with only their distribution. These builds can sometimes cause conflicts, and users may wish to use the drivers available directly from NVIDIA. Users with ATI Radeon 8500 or above video cards should use the proprietary ATI drivers available from Some distributions build versions of these drivers for use with that specific distribution. These builds can sometimes cause conflicts and users may wish to use the drivers available directly from ATI. Other video cards may only be able to use open source drivers such as MESA/DRI to enable 3D acceleration. A number of conflicts between Cedega and these drivers remain, so users should expect increased setup times and non-working games when using these cards. TransGaming does not recommend using Cedega with these video cards. sure that your video card has working 3D acceleration |outline

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