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Samsung Job Fair 2005 At the end of April, 2005, SAMSUNG Electronics holds SAMSUNG Job Fair 2005. It is conducted in two main cities:

1. Moscow 2. St. Petersburg

The purpose of the job fair is to hire talented engineers, programmers, and researchers at SAMSUNG Electronics.

SAMSUNG Job Fair 2005 is oriented toward Ph.D. people (Candidates of Science), M.Sc. people (Specialists), Ph.D. students (aspirants), experienced specialists, university graduates, and senior students. The required majors are as follows: computer science (informatics), cybernetics, programming, applied mathematics, radio systems, telecommunications, radio physics, microelectronics, semiconductor physics, quantum electronics, and optics.

To apply, please, send your CV in English to the email: before April 01, 2005.

More detailed information on the web site:

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Если пойти по ссылке, то там откроется классная картинка - напоминается газетные вырезки маньяков из фильмов.

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Re: Samsung Job Fair 2005


Денег не хватило. Все на рабочих тратят.

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