OpenGL / C++ Software Developer (remote)

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Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS), a United States based software services company, has an open position for an OpenGL / C++ Software Developer. This is a 100% remote, full-time position.


  • development of cross-platform and embedded GUI applications
  • communication with clients via chat, voice calls and e-mail


  • excellent written and spoken English
  • available to work remotely 40 hours each week
  • 3+ years of experience with C++
  • solid knowledge of C and C++ syntax quirks, compilation and linkage flow for static and dynamic libraries and executables
  • good knowledge of C++ fundamentals (object and memory model, established patterns, ways to avoid the dangerous gotchas)
  • 2+ years of active experience with modern OpenGL
  • Git (or Mercurial)


  • strong knowledge of Qt and preferably QML is a big plus, as is familiarity with embedded development
  • familiarity with OS (Windows / Linux / MacOS / IOS / Android, etc.) native APIs is a plus


  • fair-market value compensation
  • bi-weekly payments in US dollars

Benefits and extras:

  • 12 paid days off a year
  • annual performance review
  • reimbursement of local conference participation fees
  • participation in international conferences (incl. as a speaker)

To apply:

  • send CV in English and any questions you may have as well as links to any online-hosted code repositories, that you find representative of your skills and style, to
  • be prepared to answer some initial questions via skype and e-mail and complete a paid test assignment over a course of several days

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Remote сразу нет. И вообще я стремлюсь в тимлиды.

x0r ★★★★★ ()

United States based software services company

а зачем может понадобится proxy в US? а налоги мне самому платить?

12 paid days off a year

а чего так мало?

paid test assignment over a course of several days

а чего не weeks?

от скольки долларов в год-то?

dimon555 ★★★★★ ()


Everyone, please do not hesitate to apply via the e-mail provided, if you have the experience required :)

We can discuss the questions you may have then.

ics-eu ()
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