Ищу работу UNIX программиста в Петербурге



Denis S. Serebro

Russian Federation St. Petersburg E-mail:


december 1998 - july 2000 - State University of Telecommunications * Ported system of VOIP (Voice over IP) from Win32 to FreeBSD. * Developed subsystem of control of digital multi-channel sound recorder for FreeBSD. Implemented client-server application for the simultaneous recording of sound on one-sixteen channels and playback on one channel.

july 2000 - october 2001 - Dino Systems

Participation in the commercial software project (

* Implemented GUI client for Internet Call Waiting for Linux. * Support client for Internet Call Waiting for Win32. * Ported SIP (Session Initial Protocol) stack and SIP User Agent from Linux to Win32 (C++, STL, sockets, threads). * Implemented FTP client (socket layer) for customer provisioning system. * Ported part of Win32 API and MFC to Linux.



* C/C++ professionally. Experience under MSVC - 2 years, gcc - 2 years. Good knowledge of MFC for Win32 and GTK for X Windows. * Perl, Perl/Tk. * Shell scripts. * Java. * Assembler (Intel X86 platform).


* Experienced in porting technology both from Win32 to UNIX and from UNIX to Win32. * Experienced in network programming. Implemented part of FTP, HTTP and SOCKS5. * Good knowledge of Win32 both architecture and GUI. * Good knowledge of UNIX architecture. * Knowledge of regular expressions.

PROGRAMMING TOOLS * Experienced in MSVC, gcc, make, vim. * Knowledge of CVS (Concurrent Versions System). * Experienced in GTK (GIMP Toolkit). * Knowledge of XLib, autoconf, automake. * Knowledge of bugzilla, bonsai. OPERATING SYSTEMS

* Linux and FreeBSD as power user and programmer. * Windows (NT/9x) as power user and programmer.


1994-2000 - State University of Aerospace Instrumentation St. Petersburg, Russia

* Computer Science and Networks Administration


Age: 24 Marital status: married


English: read Russian: native


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