Senior Software Engineer - Moscow



Duties: C code development in Linux environment, creating technical documentation.

Skills: ∙ 3 years Proficiency in Unix(Linux) application development, kernel internals and system architecture, device drivers or firmware, Experience with Unix(Linux) development tools and environment (GCC, binutils, shell utilities, shell scripting, Makefile, etc.) ∙ 1 year of TCP/IP experience ∙ 1 year of user-level network application development, basic knowledge of popular network protocol stacks ∙ Experience in programming for hardware (device drivers or embedded firmware) ∙ Experience in software design ∙ Experience and ability for team work ∙ Good level of written and spoken English Conditions: $2000 √ 2500 net + medical insurance. Moscow office near ⌠Universitet■ metro station.

Contacts: icq 336 400 093 975 74 00 (ext. 242)


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а вы присылайте резюме на - будем обсуждать.

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