Unix Developer (Moscow)



Job description: Auriga, Inc. (, a successful IT-consulting company headquartered in the U.S., one of the market leaders in technology outsourcing from Russia, is looking for Unix Developer

Responsibilities: ∙ Developing C/C++ code (Linux) Requirements: A must: ∙ Writing applications on C/C++ for Linux ∙ Using/creating Makefiles ∙ Working with inter-process communication (IPC) mechanisms on UNIX: sockets, shmem, signals, etc. ∙ Working with TCP/IP stack and sockets ∙ Experience with UNIX/Linux (2 years), я/я++ (2 years), UNIX sockets programming (1 year), Makefiles, IPC, GCC/GDB ∙ Using GCC, GDB ∙ Reading and writing technical texts, e-mail exchange

A plus: ∙ Porting code from one UNIX-clone to another ∙ Working with AIX and its lCC compiler ∙ Working with UNIX GUI apps: X-Windows, MOTIF, toolkits ∙ UNIX/Linux GUI applications programming: X-Windows, MOTIF, toolkits

Conditions: $1000-1500 net + medical insurance. Trial period √ 2 months. ⌠Yuzhnaya■ metro station.

Contacts: Please email your cv to

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