Sr Software Engineer ARRIS - St Petersburg, Russia

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The project objective is to develop and integrate software for different cable set-top boxes. The work addresses bugfix, development of new features, porting existent code on new hardware version. The C/C++ developer position requires ability to analyze requirements develop new code based on this requirements, fix issues, be able to integrate new version of 3-rd party code (drivers, prepare and apply patches, etc).

Scope of responsibilities / Expectation:

  • Develop software using C/C++ program languages and follow Agile/Scrum process methods;
  • Address issues in 3-rd party code;
  • Perform design of Network and Common native Platform software components;
  • Implement algorithms for native layer of SW stack for specific purpose as well as independent design solution, its justification; and offer to technical leaders for consideration;
  • Participate in daily/weekly project meetings;
  • Work with other team members within a Platform group or its part on site and across different company sites;
  • Participate in project documentation design if required.

Required Skills

Specific knowledge and skills:

  • 2-3 years C/C++ development experience;
  • Knowledge of Linux operating system;
  • Ability to operate with hardware (configure, install, connect devices);
  • Analytical and problem solving skills;
  • English knowledge – be able to read technical documentation, write emails, participate in phone calls;
  • Embedded programming experience.

Beneficial Knowledge / Skills:

  • IP network devices knowledge;
  • Version control system – ClearCase, GIT;
  • Bug tracking system - Jira.

You can send CVs directly to me:

От себя добавлю резюме: будем рады кандидатам, способным писать на с/с++, читать и править чужой код. Ну и начальное знание английского необходимо.

Я так понимаю, это остатки моторолы? Вилка зп как раньше, или подняли?

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А почему английский такой корявый?

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О блин, это ты и писала... Неудобно как-то получилось, хотел потроллить %)

Ну и начальное знание английского необходимо.

Нет, честно, кто текст вакансии сочинял?

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вакансия еще актуальна?

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