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Может и подойдет

What is VDX?

VDX is MicrosoftTM's XML language for VisioTM drawings, introduced in Visio 2002. This isn't just an export format; all of the drawing features are stored in the file, allowing it to be used in place of Visio's native binary format. Microsoft documentation on VDX, including the schema, is available here.

What is SVG?

SVG is a W3C-standard XML language for two-dimensional vector graphics and mixed vector/raster graphics [1]. It includes animation based on the SMIL 1.0 specification. It also supports some very powerful 2D filter elements, for creating special effects such as the ubiquitous drop shadow. The authoritative source of all things SVG is the W3C site.

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Спасибо за ссылку.

У самого сёдня с утра sourceforge по тайм ауту отваливался не загрузившись

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