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Поддержка двуслойной записи однозначно реализовано, об этом говорит ChangeLog у K3b, там явно написано

- DVD+R Double Layer support (needs dvd+rw-tools
- Improved Mad Plugin, way more reliable mp3 file detection.
- Fixed cddb local file naming for disc ids with less than 8 digits.
- Properly disable all buttons in the copy dialogs if no writer is installed and only create image is selected.
- Fixed VideoDVD on-the-fly writing problem.
- Select appropriate raw writing mode if raw96r is not supported.
- Properly save the device search path. Now hotplug devices should be detected properly on every K3b restart.
- Properly detect dvd+rw-format version >= 4.10.
- Improved the raw toc data hex/bcd check. This should fix problems with drives providing totally bogus raw toc data.

т.е. она есть и реализована еще в 0.11.13. А т.к. k3b это морда для cdrecord и dvd+rw-tools то в них есть эта фича.

cyclon ★★★★★
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