Systemd «скролинг»




Предположим, понадобилось почитать какой-нибудь help:

user:~$ lvm --help            
  WARNING: Running as a non-root user. Functionality may be unavailable.
  Available lvm commands:
  Use 'lvm help <command>' for more information
  config          Display and manipulate configuration information
  devtypes        Display recognised built-in block device types
  dumpconfig      Display and manipulate configuration information
  formats         List available metadata formats
  fullreport      Display full report
  help            Display help for commands
  lastlog         Display last command's log report
  lvchange        Change the attributes of logical volume(s)
  lvconvert       Change logical volume layout
  lvcreate        Create a logical volume
  lvdisplay       Display information about a logical volume
  lvextend        Add space to a logical volume
  lvmchange       With the device mapper, this is obsolete and does nothing.
  lvmconfig       Display and manipulate configuration information
  lvmdevices      Manage the devices file
  lvmdiskscan     List devices that may be used as physical volumes
  lvmsadc         Collect activity data
  lvmsar          Create activity report
  lvpoll          Continue already initiated poll operation on a logical volume
  lvreduce        Reduce the size of a logical volume
  lvremove        Remove logical volume(s) from the system
  lvrename        Rename a logical volume
  lvresize        Resize a logical volume
  lvs             Display information about logical volumes
  lvscan          List all logical volumes in all volume groups
  pvchange        Change attributes of physical volume(s)
  pvck            Check metadata on physical volumes
  pvcreate        Initialize physical volume(s) for use by LVM
  pvdata          Display the on-disk metadata for physical volume(s)
  pvdisplay       Display various attributes of physical volume(s)
  pvmove          Move extents from one physical volume to another
  pvremove        Remove LVM label(s) from physical volume(s)
  pvresize        Resize physical volume(s)
  pvs             Display information about physical volumes
  pvscan          List all physical volumes
  segtypes        List available segment types
  systemid        Display the system ID, if any, currently set on this host
  tags            List tags defined on this host
  version         Display software and driver version information
  vgcfgbackup     Backup volume group configuration(s)
  vgcfgrestore    Restore volume group configuration
  vgchange        Change volume group attributes
  vgck            Check the consistency of volume group(s)
  vgconvert       Change volume group metadata format
  vgcreate        Create a volume group
  vgdisplay       Display volume group information
  vgexport        Unregister volume group(s) from the system
  vgextend        Add physical volumes to a volume group
  vgimport        Register exported volume group with system
  vgimportclone   Import a VG from cloned PVs
  vgimportdevices Add devices for a VG to the devices file.
  vgmerge         Merge volume groups
  vgmknodes       Create the special files for volume group devices in /dev
  vgreduce        Remove physical volume(s) from a volume group
  vgremove        Remove volume group(s)
  vgrename        Rename a volume group
  vgs             Display information about volume groups
  vgscan          Search for all volume groups
  vgsplit         Move physical volumes into a new or existing volume group

Это полный вывод. А теперь что-нибудь из systemd:

user:~$ systemd-analyze --help
systemd-analyze [OPTIONS...] COMMAND ...

Profile systemd, show unit dependencies, check unit files.

  [time]                     Print time required to boot the machine
  blame                      Print list of running units ordered by
                             time to init
  critical-chain [UNIT...]   Print a tree of the time critical chain
                             of units
  plot                       Output SVG graphic showing service
  dot [UNIT...]              Output dependency graph in dot(1) format
  dump                       Output state serialization of service
  cat-config                 Show configuration file and drop-ins
  unit-files                 List files and symlinks for units
  unit-paths                 List load directories for units
  exit-status [STATUS...]    List exit status definitions
  capability [CAP...]        List capability definitions
  syscall-filter [NAME...]   List syscalls in seccomp filters
  filesystems [NAME...]      List known filesystems
  condition CONDITION...     Evaluate conditions and asserts
  verify FILE...             Check unit files for correctness
  calendar SPEC...           Validate repetitive calendar time
  timestamp TIMESTAMP...     Validate a timestamp
  timespan SPAN...           Validate a time span
  security [UNIT...]         Analyze security of unit
  inspect-elf FILE...        Parse and print ELF package metadata

     --recursive-errors=MODE Control which units are verified
lines 1-33

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