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Voobsche-to RH do sih por pod Kylix nesertificirovan:( Vozmozhno pered installyaciey nado bylo sdelat' te zhe tancy s bubnom, chto i dlya Caldera?:) Ili pereiti na ALTLinux:)

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Re: Kylix2 IDE internal ERROR

если не секрет - то какие танцы ?

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Re: Kylix2 IDE internal ERROR

у меня тоже самое было на Slackware 8.0 (убитая) на 8.1 не встречал такого

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Re: Kylix2 IDE internal ERROR

Na ran'she byla informacija, kak Kylix2 installirovat' na sertificirovannyh Borlandom distributivah(a ih vsego 2, Caldera i ALT Master 2.0). Seychas pochemu-to etu informaciju snesli:( Vot instrukcii podgotovki Caldery k installyacii Kylix 2: "Change to your /tmp directory and download the rpm file from (Link:

#wget (Link: Extract the libraries and directory structure from the RPM file by using the rpm2cpio and cpio utilities.

#rpm2cpio /tmp/csm-compat-1.0-3.i386.rpm | cpio -idum "*/libdb*" Move the library to your /lib directory.

#mv /tmp/opt/csm/lib/compat/ /lib/ Clean up extraneous files.

#rm -rf /tmp/opt /tmp/csm-compat-1.0.3.i386.rpm SETTING UP THE FONT SERVER

Next, set up your system so that it starts the X font server during the boot process. Add the following line to your /etc/rc.d/ rc.local file:

sh -c 'PATH=$PATH:/usr/X11R6/bin; export Path; xfs -daemon'

NOTE: This will not start the font server until you restart your system. To start xfs without rebooting, issue the following command:

#/usr/X11R6/bin/xfs -daemon Now, you must include the X font server in your path. For example, if you use bash as your login shell, you could add the following lines at the end of your #HOME/.bash_profile initialization file:

if [ x$DISPLAY = x: ] then xset +fp unix/:7100 xset fp rehash fi

NOTE: Log out and log back in for these changes to take effect.


After installing Kylix 2, make the Kylix icons visible from the KDE desktop by creating the following symbolic link:

#ln -s "/opt/kde/share/applink/Borland Kylix 2" "/opt/kde2/share/applink/Borland Kylix 2"

A dlya ALT Master 2.0 pered zapuskom installa Kylixa nado tol'ko sdelat': unset TMPDIR

U Caldery eto kak-to slozhnee vyglyadit:) Podozrevayu chto i s RH budet pohozhaya kartina...

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