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Помгите с Makefile для модуля ядра версии 2.6.х. при условии что проект разделен на каталоги и не все исходные файлы находятся в одной директори. Спасибо.

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проблему вроде решил, но не красиво. Если у кого есть что-нить
получше подлетись:

drv-objs := curren_dir_file.o ../top_dir/top_dir_file.o


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Re: Makefile для модуля ядра

если это поддиректории, то может это поможет:

--- 3.6 Descending down in directories

A Makefile is only responsible for building objects in its own
directory. Files in subdirectories should be taken care of by
Makefiles in these subdirs. The build system will automatically
invoke make recursively in subdirectories, provided you let it know of

To do so obj-y and obj-m are used.
ext2 lives in a separate directory, and the Makefile present in fs/
tells kbuild to descend down using the following assignment.

obj-$(CONFIG_EXT2_FS) += ext2/

If CONFIG_EXT2_FS is set to either 'y' (built-in) or 'm' (modular)
the corresponding obj- variable will be set, and kbuild will descend
down in the ext2 directory.
Kbuild only uses this information to decide that it needs to visit
the directory, it is the Makefile in the subdirectory that
specifies what is modules and what is built-in.

It is good practice to use a CONFIG_ variable when assigning directory
names. This allows kbuild to totally skip the directory if the
corresponding CONFIG_ option is neither 'y' nor 'm'.
--- cut ---

ну и в целом, less Documentation/kbuild/makefiles.txt

// wbr

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