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Возможно ли использовать статические либы MSVC(.lib) в gcc? И если возможно, то как? Есть файл library.lib, что с ним делать? Как хотя бы получить список имеющихся в нём функций?


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Если ваша стиральная машина сломалась - то вы всегда можете использовать как лестницу или подставку подо что-нибудь...


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README for reimp

* Overview

`reimp' is a tool to convert Microsoft's new-style (short) import
libraries to import libraries for win32 ports of GNU tools (mingw32,

`reimp' reads an MS import library and writes all imports to the
corresponding .DEF file(s) that it feeds to `dlltool' that creates the
import library.

* Invocation

Usage: reimp [options] IMPLIB

-s, --dump-symbols dump symbols to stdout
-d, --only-def only create .def files
-c, --keep-case keep case in lib*.a file names
--dlltool <name> use <name> for dlltool
--as <name> use <name> for assembler

The `--dump-symbols' option makes `reimp' use a quick method for
finding imported symbols and sending the names of found symbols to
stdout. If the input library contain non-imported symbols they will be
listed as well. The output symbols will have all decoration preserved
(i.e '_' will prefix most symbols), so if you feed it to dlltool you
should strip leading underscores. For example

echo EXPORTS > imp.def
reimp imp.lib | sed 's/_//' >> imp.def
dlltool -k --def imp.def --output-lib libimp.a --dllname imp.dll

The `--only-def' option makes `reimp' stop after generating the .DEF

By default `reimp' converts all output library names to lower-case. By
using the `keep-case' option `reimp' will use exactly the case of the
DLL imported from when creating an import library. KERNEL32.dll will
generate libKERNEL32.a and not libkernel32.a as it would be default.

* Notes on mixed libraries

If an input library contain regular objects (non-imports, i.e code and
data) `reimp' will write out those objects unless you specify one of
the `--only-def' and `--dump-symbols' options. You probably want to
include those objects as well in the generated library. `reimp'
doesn't do that automatically so you have to do it manually using
`ar', like this

reimp imp.lib # this generates several .o or .obj files.
ar rcs libimp.a *.obj # add them to library

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