ntfs-3g и lenny



сделал apt-get install ntfs-3g Воткнул внешний юсб жесткий. Примонтировалось, но русские папочки не отображаются. Где все это настраивать? ... Why can't I see all filenames with national characters? ... If the top directory is completely empty then it's very probably that the NTFS volume is not mounted.

If only some files are missing then please upgrade to at least NTFS-3G 2009.1.1 which has full, built-in Unicode UTF-8 conversion support.

If you use Mac OS X or FreeBSD and have at least one very long filename with national characters and the filename length translates into more than 255 UTF-8 bytes (higher chance with Korean and Greek languages) than Mac OS X and FreeBSD will not show any files in the directory.

^^^ ко мне не относится :(

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