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Thunderbird 1.0 Release Candidate 1 Is Now Available!

Группа Mozilla

What's New In 1.0

* Significant theme improvements for all platforms.
* Migration improvements for Outlook 2003, Eudora and Mozilla Suite users.
* Fix for a 0.9 regression on Mac OS X when creating folders with non ascii characters.
* Saved Search Folder Improvements (i.e. lots of bug fixes)
* Message Grouping Improvements (i.e. lots of bug fixes)
* Improved RSS support (i.e. lots of bug fixes)
* Improved support for Multiple Identities for an account.
* Improved Account Central for Windows and Linux
* Improvements to Global Inbox, in particular how we manage filters.
* Fix problems creating folders with semicolons or # signs in the name
* Stability Improvements
* POP3 Filters can now filter messages to IMAP folders
* RSS Feeds that require http authentication now work in Thunderbird
* Fix an issue on Mac OS X where you could not paste text from Microsoft Word into the compose window
* Offline UI is now installed by default for Windows (it already was for Linux and Mac OS X)
* New quick search bar for address book and mail compose contacts sidebar.
* Deleting a saved search folder now prompts you before it gets deleted.
* New end user license agreeement.

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