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Dear Mikhail Simvulidy [1],

1) The vote in the Second Reading on the software patent directive is in 11-13 work days, on 5-7 July.

2) Lobbying in Brussels is heavy, currently there is much pressure on MEPs by pro-software-patent companies. The pro-patent lobby has about 30 lobbyists more than we, mostly wearing the hat of SMEs.

3) Your action is needed, at we maintain a list of what you can do as an SME and as an individual. Especially we advise to see your MEP soon and, if you can speak for an SME, to visit the Economic Majority conference 29 June Brussels Please decide to come the conference early, so that a date with your MEP or with his/her assistant can be arranged in advance.

With kind regards,

Hartmut Pilch, Gérald Sédrati-Dinet, FFII

[1] You have supported with the email address Because action is important, the maintainers of the petition have asked us send out this email. If you do not wish to receive any (presumably very rare) mail from in future, optionally reply to this email with 'nomail' in the subject.

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Ну чё Майкл, поедешь в Брюссель выступать, там еще таких клоунов не видали, гляди не опозорь ЛОР.

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>Ну чё Майкл, поедешь в Брюссель выступать, там еще таких клоунов не видали, гляди не опозорь ЛОР.

С тобой мне несравниццо, ты у нас главный клоун.

mikhail ()
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>Да ладно, не скромничай, я просто малшик по сравнению с тобой. Мне приглашения на конференции не присылают.

Они всем подписавшимся под петицией присылали.

mikhail ()

Смотри что я получил сегодня)

The Archangel's Trumpet

The purpose of this story is to spread the word of the modern day Second Coming of God and the provision of the Lord.

"The Archangel's Trumpet" records what the author heard from the God and Jesus
and the all secrets of the Bible. It is proof of the second advent of Jesus and His Divine Providence.

*** Main Contents of the Book ***

[1] This land and the universe are thy Holy Body as a living thing.
Thus the eternal curse will be imposed on whom destroys this land and the universe.
"Thou shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. [Revelations 11:18]"

[2] The creation of the world in the Genesis of the Bible was not an actual event, but the blueprint of the God for the creation of Heaven on the Earth.

[3] The Garden of Even is not a specific region, but is the company of God with Adam and Eve. It is similar to today's company of God, the Christianity.

[4] The snake that seduced Eve was not an abandoned angel, but was Adam's penis.
Also, the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden was not one kind, but two kinds.

[5] The groups that make a barrier around the Tree of Life represent
the first and second advents of Jesus Christ, and the flaming sword symbolize His words during his first and second advents.

[6] Jesus Christ's cross was not a plan of God, but was caused by a mistake of St. John.

[7] The paraclete represent the One that will come in the second advent.
The One in the second advent is not Jesus, but Shaman Jung and he will come through Korea, not the land of Jews.

[8] The prophecy spread by Calvin was wrong.

[9] The idea of circulating life and rebirth on this Earth is also wrong.

[10] Not very long from now, a calamity will come to swipe out the mankind as the event of the arc or Noah.

[11] Today's idols made out of stone, wood or metal are false gods and God will punish those who serve such idols and abandon them in darkness.

[12] When Nostradamus said, "Great King of Fear will descend from Heaven," he referred to the One who will come in the second advent as the Great King of Fear.

[13] Geogamurok's "Sodumujok (a small head with no legs)" refers to males' penis and "Jahado" refers to the land in which North Korea and South Korea unify.

[14] The Final Judgment is classified into the Judgement of Words and the Judgement of Calamities.
The Judgement of Words is already in process as a reprimand and warning to those who commit sin on the Earth, and the Judgement of Calamities will emerge soon after the Judgement of Words. Those who do not repent of their sin even after the Judgement of Words will extinct for all eternity as the time of Noah and his flood.
"Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of Man. [Luke 17:26 ]"***[Peter 3:20]

[15] Those who call themselves 'Jesus' today
do not even bring the Judgements stated in the Bible [John 5:22]
and cannot eliminate the essential causes of diseases and false gods (Revelations 21:4, Joel 3:8]. So, they are all false Christs.

[16] Babylon in the Revelations of the Bible refers to all Christian sects of today.
As recorded, "the monster in the Nile [Ezekiel 29:3], the great dragon [Revelations 12:9], the morning star, son of the dawn [Isaiah 14:12], the angels who did not keep their positions [Jude 1:6, Peter 2:4]], adulteress [Proverbs 5:3], the deaf and blind [Isaiah 42:18], mute dogs[Isaiah 56:10], and unreasoning animals [Jude 1:10]" refer to all Christian leaders and clergymen in the world today.

[17] Teaching the interpretations of God's Providences in schools of theology and in churches and delivering God's messages through sermons in churches are all false acts [Jeremiah 5:27, Proverbs 5:3]. So, those who deliver such messages and others who believe such message will be abandoned in eternal darkness.
In fact, today's clergymen always say "we will be saved and be led to Heaven' during their sermons, but these are lies [Amos 9:10]. Believers in such churches [Jeremiah 25:29] will never be saved nor be led to Heaven.
Today's churches are surrounded by armies [Luke 21:20] and are filled with death [2 Kings 4:40 ]. Therefore, although it may be filled with laughter today, it will mourn and weep in the near future [Luke 6:25 ].

[18] Christians believe that they will be ascended to Heaven after the Final Judgement to be greeted by Jesus in the clouds, but it is also wrong.
Jesus only said that men will find justice and faith on the Earth [Luke 18:8].

Therefore, our believers shall come out of the false beliefs
and enter sabbaticals to participate in the new Providence of God today.
Sabbatical is relieving grudge and taking a rest.

He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away." [Revelations 21:4]"

Therefore, those who fail to enter the sabbaticals will extinct amidst the calamities that are soon to come.
The calamities of the Final Judgement will be the worst of the worst calamities that have come and will come [ Matthew 24:21,Daniel 9:26,Daniel 12:1,Revelation 7:14]. Those who achieve the hope of sabbaticals will be able to survive it.

'I am against the shepherds and will hold them accountable for my flock... [Ezekiel 34:10]'

'Then I heard another voice from heaven say:
"Come out of her, my people,
so that you will not share in her sins,
so that you will not receive any of her plagues;. [Revelations 18:4]'

'Flee from Babylon!
Run for your lives!
Do not be destroyed because of her sins.
It is time for the LORD's vengeance;
he will pay her what she deserves. [Jeremiah 51:6]'

For more information, go to and
read the book The Arch-angel's Trumpet.


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> Они всем подписавшимся под петицией присылали.

Либо мне ещё не выслали, либо spamassassin (он довольно жёстко настроен) уже удавил /dev/null'ом. ;-) В последнем случае -- это первая его ложная сработка больше чем за год использования.

Obidos ★★★★★ ()
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> Приглашения на участие в Антиспамерской Конференции были разосланы по 100тыс адресам...

мальчик Миша пытается самоутрвердиться. Очевидно больше нечем.

anonymous ()
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>мальчик Миша пытается самоутрвердиться. Очевидно больше нечем.

Вызывающе неверная информация. Я хотел донести до общественности - не все получили почту.

mikhail ()

Re: Получил письмо

Я тоже получил, думал спам, не прочитал сразу. Поехать чтоли? Жрать брюссельскую капусту.

manokur ★★ ()
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Re: Получил письмо

>это первая его ложная сработка больше чем за год использования.

А ты откуда знаешь? Может, и раньше нужные письма давились.

Ненавижу спам-фильтры. Лучше получать 100 спамин в день, чем раз в месяц лишиться важного письма.

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Re: Получил письмо

> Может, и раньше нужные письма давились.

Раньше спам не удавливался в /dev/null, а ехал в каталог по имени [нецензурное выражение], который я просматривал. Где-то месяц-два назад поменял на /dev/null.

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