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Jibson, 30, studied Electrical Engineering at Colorado State. By day, he works Stack Exchange, a New York start-up that's trying to figure out how to solve the difficult problem of peer-to-peer question and answer. But by night he's long been an active member of GitHub, the open source community of coders.

I would like to announce the release of Go Read. It as a Google Reader clone, and designed to be close to its simplicity and cleanliness. I wanted to build something as close to Google Reader as made sense for one person to build in a few months. Since the announcement, numerous clones have been written, and some existing ones were made known. I tried most of them and disliked them for various reasons. It seemed interesting and fun to make my own that would serve exactly my needs. I hope others find it useful.

Для новости как бы маловато, да и не ясно ещё: влетит или нет, поэтому в толксы.

На бутстрапе очень уж плохо выглядит.

CYB3R ★★★★★ ()

Выглядит приятно, но слишком малофункционально. Нет даже импорта в Pocket. Но последить за развитием можно.

keyran ★★ ()

Инкрементирую к tt-rss. К слову, мы подняли его на своём сервере (главным образом для членов сообщества) — но если кому ещё надо — пользуйтесь.

lugnsk ()
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