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After about two years of development and 894 commits, I'm happy to announce the first stable release of kdev-python! kdev-python is the Python language support plugin for KDevelop, which provides syntax checking, code completion, quickopen support, and much more for the Python scripting language. For details, please refer to the announcement on my blog.

First of all, kdev-python is a plugin for KDevelop. Its purpose is to make development of python applications more convenient. The main focus of the program is static analysis of source code, and providing features which use the information gathered, such as

  • Semantic syntax highlighting (not the regex-stuff kate does, but real highlighting, showing your defined functions colorized etc.)
  • Intelligent code completion, depending on where the cursor is and what variables exist etc.
  • Navigation features, such as Jump to Declaration, searching for functions/classes, class browser, ...
  • and many more

There's also a few features other than static code analysis, such as debugger integration, but the former is clearly the main focus of the project. kdev-python itself is written in C++.


Я опоздал. Свою поделку теперь можно смело закапывать.

zJes ★★ ()

Статический анализ - это глубоко правильный подход. Если бы Kdevelop еще умел Си...

tailgunner ★★★★★ ()
Ответ на: комментарий от tailgunner

Кстати, там в транк что-то впилили для стат. анализа С++/C. Или с GSOC или откуда...

Pavval ★★★★★ ()
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