berlios жив, berlios будет жить



Dear BerliOS developers and users,

Since announcing that Fraunhofer FOKUS is forced to discontinue to operate BerliOS we have received numerous rescue proposals. Today, we are pleased to announce that the BerliOS platform can continue to exist. Still in November 2011 a non-profit association will be founded, whose aim is the operation and further development of the BerliOS platform.

The association shall be operated by volunteers that are interested in a free platform and whish that important basic functions of BerliOS as a hosting portal for OSS-projects remain alive. The core of BerliOS ( is not limited and shall be operated by the association in its present form.

Become a member of the club, take responsibility for BerliOS and donate your performance. You'll find all information on the foundation of the association on the mailing list:

Fraunhofer FOKUS


А исходники сервиса они выложат?:)

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