[qemu]Перед релизом QEMU 1.0 проходит конкурс на лучший маскот!



Anthony Liguori только что обьявил о конкурсе на лучший маскот для QEMU, перед релизом 1.0. В качестве маскота должен быть страус Эму по-имени «Q». Лучший маскот будет использован в качестве иконки qemu 1.0:

We're long over due for a mascot for QEMU. Our wiki is nice, but is missing that bit of pizzazz that a spiffy logo brings. I can't think of a better time than the 1.0 release to create one either.

Having given it some thought and discussing it with a few people, there seems to be an obvious mascot: an Emu named Q.

Now you might say to yourself, «Isn't an Emu a big stupid flightless bird?». On the contrary, Emu's are elegant and incredibly fast--easily reaching speeds over 30mph. They may look a bit silly, but they're a force to be reckon with having some of the strongest legs in the animal kingdom. With razor sharp claws, they can rip through metal fencing with no problem.

But there's only one problem with Q--we need someone to create an image of him! I thought it would be a fun part of the 1.0 release to have a logo competition to create an official image of Q.

So break out Gimp, Inkscape, or your favorite image editor and submit an icon for consideration! If we get enough proposals over the next couple weeks, we'll setup a vote before the 1.0 release.

To submit an icon, just sent an email to qemu-devel with the icon and include an [ICON] tag in the subject. The only real rules are that the license must be an open license that allows redistribution of derived works. SVG images are certainly preferred.

I'm excited to see what people come up with! Happy Gimping!

SVG изображения предпочтительны, для отправки на конкурс (несколько недель) отправляйте письмо на с тегом "[ICON]" в теме письма. Естественно лицензия должна быть свободной (и позволять производные работы).


Страус - это мощно. Сразу чувствуется скорость и интеллект.

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