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I'm well aware that I should know you
and yet I feel it's not the case
It feels like talking to a stranger
I hardly recognize your voice

We live a life we never wanted
Hard to believe but it came true
We never thought that this could happen to us
Not to you and not to me

And nothing seems to make it any better
We live in memories. That's all

The dream we had is long forgotten
We walk away and don't look back
And though we shiver when we sleep at night
We have no way of finding back

Have we done all that we could have
to avoid where we are now?
Or have we known what we have done to us
and watched the dying process grow?

I really never dared to doubt you
Neither you nor your words
It is so hard to let you go now
but still I bid farewell to you

And instinct tells us that we're wrong
and still our feet keep stumbling on

(C) Diary of Dreams - Never Tell The Widow

Нет уж, говно за собой нужно убирать.

Camel_Toe ()

Не читал, но могу откопипастить и свои 15 лет на зад.

As I heard you`ve lost your game
I knew that today we`ll make it real
I went everywhere to find you
And I can`t forget how you called my name

And when the sun went down
I knew that there`s no way to help you
When I begin to close my mind

As I reached the place where we met first
I thought you`re standing there
As I tried to take your hand
The vision suddenly disappeared

And when the sun went down again
I felt you close behind me
And I began to close my mind

And here I`ve found you, innocent and sweet
You lie there in the street
Your eyes don`t tell the lies anymore
The`re full of bitter tears
Your hands cramped as they tried to
Pull you back to your unhappy life
Your mouth is opened wide
To speak the last words but there was no time...

Now we stand here side by side
And we`re waiting for the next black night
You give me a smile and you say:
«Now we start our second life!»

And when the sunset comes
We kiss that bloody life good-bye
And we take off and fly away...
And here we`ve found us, innocent and sweet
We lie there in the street
Our eyes don`t tell the lies anymore,
They`re full of bitter tears
Our hands cramped as tried to
Pull us back to our unhappy lives
Our mouths are opened wide
To speak the last words but there was no time...

madcore ★★★★★ ()

да, да, а по-русски пару килобайт можно нагадить, а?

Планетарный санузел, ответь мне!!1

Slesarev ()

> (C) Diary of Dreams - Never Tell The Widow

Прочитал как Never Tell The Windows

drull ★☆☆☆ ()
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