Re: k3b глюки - адский компакт :)

Кто там говорил про нежелание музыкантов писать треки длинной 6 минут 66 секунд?

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Re: k3b глюки - адский компакт :)

On Mon, 31 Jul 2000, Roel VdB wrote:

> Now I thought I'd seen it all, it comes to my attention cue files, so

> I assume also CD's, use a 'frame' as base unit, being 1/75 s. Anyone

> heard of this, or did everyone mistook the xx:yy:zz for

> min:sec:sec/100?


zz are sectors. A sector in CDDA mode can store 2352 bytes, and
when you write CDs you have to write full sectors, that's why you have to
pad the audio data with zeroes when burning wavs obtained from mp3s.


44100*2*2 = 176400 bytes/second of audio
176400/2352 = 75 blocks/sencond.

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