> Hi Linus,

> Why not start a blog using Git? Far geekier than blogspot

> Oh btw: First Comment!

Истину глаголит! :))

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>> lol your name sounds like linux

>а вот и школьники подтянулись.

и что он на это ответил? по ссылке лениво ходить

jcd ★★★★★

That's when you also notice that the whole US voting system is apparently expressly designed to be polarizing (winner-take-all electoral system etc). To somebody from Finland, that looks like a rather obvious and fundamental design flaw. In Finland, government is quite commonly a quilt-work of different parties, and the "rainbow coalition" of many many parties working together was the norm for a long time. And it seems to result in much more civilized political behaviour.

нацпол! :-D

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