Отметился на Марсе ...



Прислали такую писульку ... Что теперь делать ? Ожидать нашествия спамеров-марсиан ? :)

For the first time in human history, we have landed in a polar region on another planetary body. Congratulations to the Phoenix team — we are on Mars!

Now — armed with a suite of science instruments and a digging robotic arm — the spacecraft and its team on Earth can begin hunting for water ice and adventure.

Don't forget that you are a part of this adventure part of the story of space exploration!

As part of The Planetary Society's Messages from Earth program, your name — along with a quarter million others from around the world — is now on the surface of Mars. Landing with you on the disk is Visions of Mars, a treasure trove of literature and art — from classic works by Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Bradbury to Orson Welles' radio retelling of "The War of the Worlds" to a special audio recording of Carl Sagan delivering a message to the future.

The story of space exploration is being written everyday.

Fifty years ago we couldn't have told this story, but 50 years from now our names and thoughts...those Messages from Earth that we have sent...will be part of the story — part of the permanent record of space exploration.

Stay with us as the journey unfolds


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Re: Отметился на Марсе ...

> Вместе с фениксом закинули двд диск на марс с именами добровольцев :-)

Так вот как они от пиратского порева избавляются: уничтожить жалко, себе оставить нельзя - давайте на марс пошлем!

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