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GO Security Alert -- Desktop Services Emergency Release – Microsoft
Security Update -- 16 November 2006

What is happening?

Microsoft has notified us of a security vulnerability within its Windows operating system which has the potential to adversely impact the performance of our network..

Consequently, a small number of BP computer users will be asked to install a ‘security patch’ and we also need to patch and reboot a number of servers which could cause some service disruption.

How does this affect me?

Only computers running the older version of the Windows 2000 operating system will receive a patch. This will affect approximately 100 BP computers.

However, 3000+ BP servers will need to be patched, which may result in some network disruption over the next few days.

What action do I need to take?

If you receive this patch, restart your computer immediately. It is good practice to regularly restart your computer to ensure you receive patches when they are released.

If you encounter network disruption we ask that you wait 10 to 15 minutes before trying to access the network again.

What if I use a BP Explorer machine?

You are asked to accept the patch from Microsoft. When prompted, please accept and install it as quickly as possible and then restart your machine.

Please check that your automatic Windows Updates process is working correctly using your Control Panel. It is important that your machine is set to automatically receive updates. If you do not know how to check and update your status, please click this link:

Further help and information

Please contact your local Service Desk.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Paul Tasker

Vice President, Global Operations



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It is good practice to regularly restart your computer to ensure you receive patches when they are released.

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