Календарь Rockchip :)




Rockchip решили что в ноябре 31 день.

In A.D. 1582 Pope Gregory XIII found that the existing Julian calendar
insufficiently represented reality, and changed the rules about
calculating leap years to account for this. Similarly, in A.D. 2013
Rockchip hardware engineers found that the new Gregorian calendar still
contained flaws, and that the month of November should be counted up to
31 days instead. Unfortunately it takes a long time for calendar changes
to gain widespread adoption, and just like more than 300 years went by
before the last Protestant nation implemented Greg's proposal, we will
have to wait a while until all religions and operating system kernels
acknowledge the inherent advantages of the Rockchip system. Until then
we need to translate dates read from (and written to) Rockchip hardware
back to the Gregorian format.

Коммит от 2015 года, но я увидел его только недавно, решил поделиться :)



EXL ★★★★★
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