Re: Помогите с принтером Canon LPB800

LBP-800 Printer Type Resolution Works? Canon LBP-800 BW Laser 600x600 Paperweight Notes A real "winprinter" as the LBP-660, LBP-600, and LBP-460. If there is a PCL emulation, it is done by the Windows driver. Reported not to work at all with free software by several people. On the technical specifications page Canon writes that a "Bi-directional Parallel port" is needed to connect this printer. So making it working with the usual printer spoolers is probably very difficult. Printer does not support PJL. No known autodetection methods. This entry has not yet been proofread. Canon's history of cooperation with the free software community may be found on the vendor report card page. You can participate in the Canon discussion forum here on the web, via NNTP, or by email. Driver Information No driver info!? Koroche - kukan...u menya LPB810 te je vily :(

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