Требуются хаскелисты и другие функциональщики, разработка верификаторов

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We have opportunities for Haskell programmers and other programmers within functional programming and/or highly experienced C programmers within compiler construction. An excellent background in software engineering and/or foundations of programming is required. Academic degrees such as PhDs are not required for all positions that are available. This opportunity includes openings for two experts on type theory with excellent programming experience from functional programming in Haskell and/or other languages, to work on the core type theory in our products.

Functor collaborates with the JET fusion reactor run by EFDA CCFE outside Oxford, UK. JET is currently the largest reactor in the world of its kind and there is an on-going technology transfer at JET to the emerging ITER project, which is some decade ahead as far as operation is concerned. You will be part of this collaboration and have a key role in the development of new programming tools for a new programming paradigm known as the constructive programming paradigm.

At Functor, almost all development is done in Haskell but also to some extent also C and Scala. Although Functor AB is based in Stockholm, Sweden, work may be carried out e.g. in Oxford or otherwise. The developers we look for will be working closely with some senior / well-known researchers within the disciplines of computer science and mathematical logic, collaborate with staff at the JET plant including highly experienced key software engineers at that facility and will face interesting and challenging problems. Developers at Functor can contribute to fusion energy research in the sense of being involved in new technology for software that concerns the stabilisation of the plasma inside a reactor.

A solid background in computer science, documented experience and/or strong academic education in advanced functional programming in Haskell are assumed. Knowledge of type systems, Martin-Löf type theory, dependent types, formal methods, static analysis, MSR Code Contracts, hardware verification, HDLs, Spec#, Coq, Agda, Idris, Epigram, Twelf or other similar tools, languages, theorem provers is desirable but not required. Knowledge of parsing, skills also in other programming languages including experience from C, C#, C++, Objective-C and also Scala, is also desirable but not required. Higher academic degrees such as a PhD in computer science are not required but certainly taken into account. Entrepreneurship skills or industrial experience is not required here – but if such exists it is considered to be a strong merit as well. Knowledge in UNIX and Linux is required. Finally, experience from using Visual Studio, Eclipse or other IDEs is relevant.

To apply, send please send your resume, references and other relevant documentation to Questions can be sent to the same address or else by means of the contact form to the right of this page.


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