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Altoros Development is looking for a Cloud Solution Engineer The project is developed for and in cooperation with the RightScale Inc., the world leader in cloud computing management. For more detailed information, please follow the link: Requirements:

-profound experience in Linux/Unix; -1-3 years’ experience in at least one scripting language (i.e. Bash, Perl, Ruby, Python, etc.); -experience with configuration management such as CVS, Subversion or Git; -passion for linux, cloud computing and deploying internet services; -fluent English (both written and spoken). Core responsibilities: -utilize scripting languages to develop automation for server clusters in the cloud; -develop server templates that include such things as MySQL, Apache, lighttpd, HAProxy, Nginx, Rails, PHP, Django/Python, Squid, memcached, etc.; -develop virtual machine images on many different clouds and distributions; -design, implement, test and document automation scripts and programs used by large-scale customers.

Please send your CV to

please follow the link

Алиса, следуй за ссылкой.

configuration management such as CVS, Subversion or Git


passion for linux


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Оля, ты дура? ЛОР - русскоязычный сайт! Трудно было на родном написать?

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fluent English (both written and spoken)

думаю это для того, что вы прохидили мимо)

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Everytime you see something marketed as 'Cloud' based or 'Cloud' anything just mentally remove the word cloud from the product and add «For Suckers (TM)». You'll save yourself a lot of fuss, hassle and confusion.

Извините, не сдержался.

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