Cloud Solution Engineer (Минск)



Altoros Development is looking for a Cloud Solution Engineer The project is developed for and in cooperation with the RightScale Inc., the world leader in cloud computing management. For more detailed information, please follow the link: Requirements:

-profound experience in Linux/Unix; -1-3 years’ experience in at least one scripting language (i.e. Bash, Perl, Ruby, Python, etc.); -experience with configuration management such as CVS, Subversion or Git; -passion for linux, cloud computing and deploying internet services; -fluent English (both written and spoken). Core responsibilities: -utilize scripting languages to develop automation for server clusters in the cloud; -develop server templates that include such things as MySQL, Apache, lighttpd, HAProxy, Nginx, Rails, PHP, Django/Python, Squid, memcached, etc.; -develop virtual machine images on many different clouds and distributions; -design, implement, test and document automation scripts and programs used by large-scale customers.

Please send your CV to

please follow the link

Алиса, следуй за ссылкой.

configuration management such as CVS, Subversion or Git


passion for linux



Everytime you see something marketed as 'Cloud' based or 'Cloud' anything just mentally remove the word cloud from the product and add «For Suckers (TM)». You'll save yourself a lot of fuss, hassle and confusion.

Извините, не сдержался.

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