Crypto Architect @ a US top-VC backed startup. Join us to build decentralized economy



== Job Description ==

Bitcoin seem cool and futuristic? Wait until you hear what we're doing at Koinify. We're a group of technologists and futurists who sees the potential in blockchain technology beyond currency, but as a foundation to build an entirely decentralized economy.

dApp (decentralized application) is a type of software that is so powerful, that can replace a traditional corporation. It uses crypto currency to facilitate value exchange, allocate profits, and «employ» humans to complete the work. It's essentially a «driver-less» company - comparing that to a traditional corporation is like comparing a Google Car to a Toyota Camry.

We're looking for like-minded crazy engineers and architects. You're a one of a kind engineering whiz who love to solve the hardest engineering challenges? We got it. How about cryptography? Economics? Finance? or even political philosophy? If you love this stuff like we do, give us a shout.

== Skills & Requirements ==

When it comes to hiring, we always prioritize two things above all: unstoppable drive/passion, and capacity to learn (very fast). Our experience has told us that when we focus on these two attributes, everything else follows.

Technical wise, you'll need to be proficient in at least two or more of: Ruby/Rails, Javascript (esp. Angular), Cryptography, Distributed computing, Java/C++. Knowledge of crypto platforms (Bitcoind, Ethereum, Counterparty, etc.) is a major plus.

== About Koinify ==

Lots of startups tend to confuse free beers, food or ping-pong table for a great company culture. We think actually working your ass off to create history and pondering on the most daunting and ambitious ideas are what makes our culture freaking awesome.

That said, we do make sure you're well fed with free fruits, bitcoins, cash and generous equity package (after all, aren't we all about decentralization?)

We're also fortunately backed with $1.6m+ by cool folks from Zhenfund/Sequoia China, IDG Capital Partners, Brock Pierce, Vinny Lingham (Gyft CEO), and etc.

Но это прекрасно же. Самое artfully crafted объявление о работе, что я видел вообще, ever.

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why you post is not digitally signed?
where is reference to the transaction in blockchain, that YOU (who wrote post) have money ?

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