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возникли проблемы с настройкой jabber-shell. что необходимо установить на сервере, и какие файлы редактировать. и надо ли что бы в этот момент работал консольный xmpp клиент

2. Configuration.
1) Create file /usr/local/etc/jabsh.rc, if it have not been created already. Use you favorite text-editor to edit the file: /usr/local/etc/jabsh.rc . You should to specify two different JID's. First JID - jabsh JID. To this JID you will send shell-commands, and, certainly, jabsh will answer you from this JID. Also you should to specify password for jabsh JID.
Second JID - administrator JID. All shell-commands not from this JID will be ignored. Password for admin JID not required!
You need manually add admin JID to jabsh roster (use internal jabber client), and add jabsh JID to admin roster. Also you need authenticate each JID in each other roster.
You can find sample jabsh.rc file in docs/jabsh.rc in current distribution.
2) You can run jabsh with next options:
	-h You can read small help, about shell arguments for jabsh
	-d You can run jabsh as a daemon. Jabsh do not use a terminal in this mode. You can find it only in process list.
	-k You can kill already runned jabsh process.
If you run jabsh without option's, it use the terminal and you cannot use terminal for other things.

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