march=pentium4 wrong?



В RELNOTES к FreeBSD 5.2.1 написано:

GCC has been updated from 3.2.2 to a 3.3.3 pre-release snapshot from 6
November 2003.

Note: Previous versions of GCC generated incorrect code when
-march=pentium4 optimization was enabled. This problem is believed to
have been fixed with this upgrade, and the earlier workaround for the
case of CPUTYPE=p4 has been removed.

т.е. если я правильно понял "все версии gcc до 3.3.3pre, в т.ч. 3.2.2
создают неправильный код при -march=pentium4"

Вопрос: это только в FreeBSD неправильный код генерит gcc <3.3.3?
3.2.3 нормальная версия?


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