Cyrillic fonts, TrueType fonts and keyboard layot in XFree86 4.0.1 + KDE2 + ...



1) After installing XFree86 4.0.1 (*deb from .../woody/...) + cyr-rfx cyrillic fonts (for koi8-1, windows-1251 and iso-8859-5 charsets)+ KDE 2 (*deb from, I'm getting a lot of "?" instead of russian letters in many places (KDE2, fvwm, etc). xfontsel shows everything; all fonts are in their places and WMs can find them, but do not use properly.
What's up?

2) I've tried to use TrueType fonts. I've copied them from MD2000 distribution and execited 'mkttfdir'. It have made 'fonts.dir' with "-iso8859-1" charsets for all fonts. Of course, their were no russian symbols in them. When I changed this to "-koi8-r", they have appeared, but how should I make "windows-1251" charset avaliable, too?

3) Is there any way to make TT fonts load before all others?

4) Perhaps it will be better to use 'xfstt' or 'x-tt' instead of built-in 'freetype'?..

5) Additionaly, XKB settings which were all right for XF86 3.3.x, failed.
What can be done with xkb?


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