[gentoo] удаление distfiles



Раздел с /usr/portage трещит по швам. Дистфайлс при этом заняли львиную долю места. Но там основная куча - старые, уже не используемые, версии софта. Как бы их удалить, сохранив только архивы с последними версиями?


$ qfile eclean-dist
app-portage/gentoolkit (/usr/bin/eclean-dist)

$ eclean-dist --help
 eclean-dist [global-option, distfiles-option] ...
 eclean-dist [--help, --version]

Available global options:
 -C, --nocolor             - turn off colors on output
 -d, --destructive         - only keep the minimum for a reinstallation
 -e, --exclude-file=<path> - path to the exclusion file
 -i, --interactive         - ask confirmation before deletions
 -n, --package-names       - protect all versions (when --destructive)
 -p, --pretend             - only display what would be cleaned
 -q, --quiet               - be as quiet as possible
 -t, --time-limit=<time>   - don't delete files modified since <time>
   <time> is a duration: "1y" is "one year", "2w" is "two weeks", etc. 
   Units are: y (years), m (months), w (weeks), d (days) and h (hours).
 -h, --help                - display the help screen
 -V, --version             - display version info

Available options for the distfiles action:
 -f, --fetch-restricted   - protect fetch-restricted files (when --destructive)
 -s, --size-limit=<size>  - don't delete distfiles bigger than <size>
   <size> is a size specification: "10M" is "ten megabytes", "200K" is
   "two hundreds kilobytes", etc.  Units are: G, M, K and B.

More detailed instruction can be found in `man eclean`

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