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Description: Postscript utilities for two-up printing, bbox, etc
 A set of utilities for manipulating DSC compliant postscript. The
 following programs are included:
 impose: A preprocessor to pstops for creating 2-up printouts. It
 tries to remove white space from the printout by probing the original
 postscript for the printed area's bounding box.  This makes the
 output more esthetic than a simplistic layout of non-cropped original
 bboxx: Extracts the bounding boxes of a postscript file, with the
 option of entering the bounding box into the file. This program uses
 the ghostscript bbox device.
 fixtd: Sets options in a Postscript file asking the printer to turn
 on tumbling or duplex printing.
 psbl: Rearranges pages in a file to create booklets.

sdio ★★★★★
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но так как оно использует GS, то есть проблемы со шрифтами - русских букв нет =)

А GhostScript-ом я уже и сам делал.

ip1981 ☆☆
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