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>As to the other products,we don't provide the drivers for Linux..

As to the other products,we don't provide the drivers for Linux, but there are some third parties having developed Linux drivers for our chips. Thanks to their efforts, SiS's VGA chipset is based on the VESA 1.x and 2.x specification. So, you can use the VESA driver or the standard VGA driver provided by Linux/Unix to meet your needs. SiS doesn't support Linux/Unix driver, however we have passed datasheets of our products SiS5597/5598, SiS5596, SiS6205, SiS6201, SiS6202 to for their references. You may refer to this site: S.u.S.E. releases a small series of X servers that are freely available to support SiS video Chipsets. These servers are available for no charge and are only for Linux based operating systems (Slackware, Redhat, S.u.S.E, Debian, etc.) The URL for this X server is You can see: SiS86c201(6201) SiS86c202(6202) SiS86c205(6205) SiS5597 SiS5598 SiS6326AGP The next option for UNIX/Linux users is to obtain a commercial X server. You can get a single-head accelerated X server from XiG( XiG Accelerated X server supports the following SiS video chipsets.

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