кодировка fat и ntfs




Slackware 11.

root@cher:/win/media/video# locale -a | grep ru ru ru_RU ru_RU.KOI8-R ru_RU.cp1251 ru_RU.koi8r ru_RU.utf8 ru_UA ru_UA.utf8

/etc/fstab: /dev/hdc10 /win/media ntfs iocharset=koi8-r,ro 0 0

root@cher:/win/media/video# ls Hack.avi/ films/ \304\311\320\314\317\315/ cartoons/ short/ \313\314\311\316\311\313\301/

Вот такая проблема. Вроде все по руководствам делал. Кодировки и cp1251 и utf пробовал. Где проблему искать?


Re: кодировка fat и ntfs

Mount options for ntfs
              Character set to use when returning file  names.   Unlike  VFAT,
              NTFS  suppresses  names  that  contain unconvertible characters.

              New name for the option earlier called iocharset.

       utf8   Use UTF-8 for converting file names.

              For 0 (or ‘no’ or ‘false’), do  not  use  escape  sequences  for
              unknown  Unicode  characters.   For 1 (or ‘yes’ or ‘true’) or 2,
              use vfat-style 4-byte escape sequences starting with ":". Here 2
              give  a  little-endian  encoding  and  1 a byteswapped bigendian

              If enabled (posix=1),  the  file  system  distinguishes  between
              upper  and lower case. The 8.3 alias names are presented as hard
              links instead of being suppressed.

       uid=value, gid=value and umask=value
              Set the file permission on the filesystem.  The umask  value  is
              given in octal.  By default, the files are owned by root and not
              readable by somebody else.

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Re: кодировка fat и ntfs

Спасибо! Действительно локаль не была установлена должным образом.

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