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>А не знаете что там нового появилось?


* CrossOver Office Professional 3.0.0 - 2004/05/11
Support for Lotus Notes 6.51.
Support for Microsoft Project 2000.
Support for Microsoft Outlook XP.
Made Remedy usable.

CrossOver now detects ExecShield and Prelink systems and offers to
disable ExecShield since it interfers with Windows Applications.
This should be especially useful for Fedora and RedHat
Enterprise Linux users.
The Standard and Pro editions now include support for the Netscape
plugins which was previously only present in CrossOver
Plugin. Now a single CrossOver installation can handle
all your needs!
Improved localization: now all of the application interface,
including the desktop menus and scripts can be localized.
A complete translation to French is provided.
Improved internationalization support: CrossOver Setup should
now correctly list applications that use non-ascii characters.
The application menus should also be created with the right
character encoding.
Made it possible to switch from the demo to the full version
without reinstalling.
Added a tool to capture the system configuration. This should
help us better diagnose issues.
Systematically log a trace of the Windows application
installations to help diagnosis in case of a problem. The size
of this log is capped so it cannot fill the disk.

General bug fixes:
Sound should now work on i810-based soundcards, provided that
you configure CrossOver to use the winealsa sound driver.
The cxuninstall script now offers to clean up the CrossOver
environment when run by a non-root user in private or managed
multi-user mode. It will also remind you of all the steps to
take to fully uninstall CrossOver in these modes.
The cxuninstall script now also works for RPM and Debian
The old Loki uninstaller does not work on new Linux distributions.
We now upgrade it to make sure the uninstallation proceeds
Fixed the Netscape plugin removal when uninstalling.
Fixed many bugs in cxwinassoc. Associating file types with Unix
applications should now be more reliable.
Fix the Windows drive setup when there are many floppy or
CD-ROM drives.

CrossOver Setup:
CrossOver Setup should start faster and be more responsive.
Better detect whether an application installed successfully or
Made it possible to install all the fonts in one go.
Fix the handling of bad paths in the 'My Documents' field.
The menu tab has been improved and a new fonts tab added.
Fixed an issue where a bad symbolic link to the CrossOver
configuration file would cause an infinite loop in CrossOver

Desktop integration:
Added support for the Ximian Desktop 2 desktop menus. Fixed an
issue where uninstalling CrossOver would remove the 'Office'
Ximian menu.
The desktop menus should no longer have a tendency to disappear
on SuSE 8.x systems configured to use the SuSE-specific
Uninstalling CrossOver Office should no longer delete the
CrossOver Plugin menus on VFolder systems.
Many other menu issues have been fixed.
Fixed the association ceration on Mandrake.

Managed multi-user support (a Pro and Server Edition feature):
In the Pro Edition, it is now possible to choose between the
private and managed multi-user modes at install time.
Made it possible to make a copy the managed multi-user
environment in a non-root account.
Made it possible to disable the 'running as root' warning.
In the Server Edition a new users tab lets you manage the
CrossOver user accounts.
Fixed many bugs in buildrpm. The RPMs it generates can now be
Made it possible to use hard-links when creating the per-user
environment to limit the inode usage.

Application-specific fixes:
Fixed the toolbar flicker, occasional freezes when opening a
new window and many other issues in Internet Explorer.
Associating a file type, like PDF files, with a Unix application,
like Acrobat Reader, now works in Internet Explorer too.
In some cases installing Office XP would not create the desktop
menus. This should now be fixed.
Word XP should no longer systematically prompt to save
'' when exiting.
Fixed the font list dropdown in Word.
Most movies should now play correctly in PowerPoint.
Fixed the entries in the 'Windows' menu in Visio.
Fixed drawing issues in Visio.
It is now possible to sort the files by date or other criteria
in Excel 97's open file dialog.

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>3.0.1 вот чем он отличаеться от 0.0

3.0.1 CrossOver Office Professional - June 16, 2004
Major Fedora Core 2 Bug fixes:
Properly quote the PRELINK_OPTS in /etc/sysconfig/prelink which should ensure that exec shield remains disabled
Set the personality to PER_LINUX32 to work around the 4G address space
Fix cases where an upgrade on Fedora could result in duplicate links.
Fix the proxy password dialog, should allow proxy installations to work.
Fix for Framemaker dialog crashing issues
Minor fixes to gradient printing.
Bug fix where right clicking in the file dialog can cause crashes.
Fix issues where deleted printers don't go away in managed multiuser mode.
Process TEMP and TMP a bit better when invoking Unix programs, should make calling Unix programs from Windows ones work a bit better.
Tweak to the system tray window so that it's resizable
Minor tweaks to sound support
Fix rare bug with strange names in installed plugins
Minor bug fixes for managed multi user mode
Minor bug fixes for rpms built with buildrpm
Enable Photoshop to work properly in managed multi user mode.
Support Gnome's change to '~/Desktop'
Minor tweaks to creating icons so things like Acrobat Reader now makes desktop icons
Fix for Notes failing to open HTML attachments
Fix the problem with IE crashing each time a bookmark was added

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>Выложите пожалуууууууйста CrossOver Office 3.1.0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Уже вышел?? Помоему у них на сайте написано что последний 3.0.1

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