Flare v0.13



Вышла Flare v0.13
Основное нововведение — квесты. Подробный ченджлог:

* New «Lost Mines» area by Thane Brimhall (pennomi)
* MenuTalker code beginnings by Juan PabloTamayo (morris989)
* Added GameSwitcher class in preparation for Main Menus
* Block power buffed
* Framerate fixed. Animations adjusted and should be smoother on low-power systems.
* Added healing-over-time support for powers.
* New stat awards on level up.
* Added new potion levels
* «Magical» renamed «Mental» for genre neutrality
* Rearranged power tree. All power slots now implemented
* New «Channel» spell: short-range spell that costs 0 mana but requires a Mental weapon
* New «Immobilize» power: use a ranged weapon to pin a creature to the ground
* New config files to edit resolution, fullscreen, keybindings
* Updated health bar by Scrittl
* Stackable items and inventory refactoring by Bonbadil * Basic conversations added
* NPC portrait by Justin Nichol
* Campaign Manager added to handle quest states
* Enemies no longer use ranged powers when losing line of sight
* Added consumable spell scrolls by Thane Brimhall (pennomi)
* Added elemental spell scroll icons
* Separated icons into 32px and 64px pages
* Added NPC ability to advance quest and give rewards
* Added monster kill to advance quests
* Added quest loot for monsters
* Added a tutorial NPC
* Added on-pickup quest advancement on items
* Added Averguard Keep quest chain featuring 4 bosses and 3 quest items
* Added a quest-giver NPC
* Added key and book icon for quests
* Added tabbed interface to Log Menu
* Log Menu has room for Quests, Messages, Statistics, and Achievements
* Weapon requirements displayed on Power tooltips
* (bugfix) Enemies no longer run before changing directions when entering combat
* (bugfix) Enemies leave combat when the player is dead
* (bugfix) Missing menu deconstruction calls added
* (bugfix) Correct memory reallocation when chaning equipment
* (bugfix) Correct resist stats on bows


> New «Channel» spell: short-range spell that costs 0 mana but requires a Mental weapon

очень даже годно. наконец можно вкачивать сорка, как в старой доброй диабле


а характеристики чара всё также в текстовом файле хранятся, или теперь зашифровано?

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Так же. Новый спелл выглядит хорошо. Теперь молния требует ману.

radg ★★★★
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Годно, на днях надо будет посмотреть.

stormblastt ★★★
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ЕМНИП именно участвует и недавно присоединился.

Cheshire - с ЛОРа, а clintbellanger главный. Возможно путаю что.

radg ★★★★
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Просто помню коменты к новости, мол, что очень круто для одного человека

nutz ★★
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