Никто не хочет запилить новость? Опубликованы видео с SREcon 2018

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Доброго времени суток

Сабж. Разарботка ПО не моя область, так что не могу оценить пользу от этих докладов

Плейлист в youtube:

сайт конференции: ( )

немного общей информации:

SRE Con Americas

Twitter: @SREcon / #SREcon
Date: March 27-29
Location: Santa Clara, California, USA

The SRE conferences are a series of forums for site reliability engineers. The forums focus on resilience, reliability, and performance in complex distributed systems. The conferences also try to accommodate diversity within the SRE community, from newcomers to veterans. That diversity is reflected in the conference program, which includes speakers from a variety of organizations, such as big companies operating on a global scale, startups, and businesses seeking to pivot their companies to unite software engineering and systems engineering.

In addition to the Americas conference, there are events in Singapore, June 6-8, and Dusseldorf, Germany, August 29-31.

Who should attend: SREs, software architects, and developers