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Re: прожигалка DVD под Linux

А там кстати неправильно написано.

cdrecord does not support DVD recording. If you need it you have the
following options:

* cdrecord-ProDVD: Joerg Schilling is also author of cdrecord-ProDVD. This
  software is free for personal use but not free software according to the
  DFSG and therefore not part of Debian GNU/Linux.

* dvd+rw-tools:
  Although the name suggests otherwise, recent versions support
  DVD-R(W) and DVD+R(W).

* dvdrtools (Formerly known as dvdrecord):
  A fork of an older version of cdrecord (1.11a15) with DVD-R(W) support.

* Apply the dvdrecord-patch to cdrecord and compile it yourself:
    apt-get source cdrtools
    cd cdrtools-<version>
    fakeroot debian/rules dvd=yes cdrecord

    Be aware that we will probably ignore bugreports for cdrecord+dvdpatch
    unless they can be reproduced without the patch.

Я бы рекомендовал как раз dvd+rw-tools.

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Re: прожигалка DVD под Linux

дык. Нера 6 двд не записывает?

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Re: прожигалка DVD под Linux

А frontend'ом на все это k3b из KDE. Тут промелькнула новость о появлении Nero под Linux. Кому он нужен, тем более в нагрузку к Windows-версии?

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