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Задача: задать фон для xterm - pixmap 1x2 из файла.
Вставляю в .Xdefaults строчку:
XTerm*backgroundPixmap: ~/pixmaps/pix.xpm
# xrdb -load .Xdefaults
# xterm
Warning: No type converter registered for 'String' to 'Pixmap' conversion.
Warning: Cannot convert string "~/pixmaps/pix.xpm" to type Pixmap

И что бы это могло быть?


You can't do this. The backgroundPixmap resource is a pixmap of the
same depth as the screen, not a bitmap (which is a pixmap of depth 1). Because
of this, writing a generic String to Pixmap converter is impossible, since
there is no accepted convention for a file format for pixmaps. Therefore,
neither the X Toolkit or the Athena widget set define a String to Pixmap
converter, because there is no converter you cannot specify this value as a
resource. The Athena widget set does define a String to Bitmap converter for
use in many of its widgets, however.

P.S. С переводом помочь? :-)

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Взять другой эмулятор терминала, aterm например
man aterm
  -pixmap: file[;geom]
     Specify image file for the background and also optionally  spec-
    ify geometry of the image to be cut out of original image, to be
    used as background, with a geometry string.  Note you  may  need
    to  add  quotes to avoid special shell interpretation of the `;'
    in the command-line; resource backgroundPixmap.

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Нет, просто под aterm нет возможности управлять всплыванием/iconify/etc из скрипта... :-(
Поетому и xterm так нужен...

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