worker 2.17.11



Вышла новая версия классического двухпанельника, основанного только на xlib и поэтому феноменально быстрого, (и очень удобного, при соответствующей настройке:-) Изменения

new features:

added new list view mode for quick viewing text files.

the text view will now read more of the shown file when the end of the file has been reached.

improved search: there is a new limit for searches in archives to prevent endless loops. The default value is 3 so the search stops in archives in archives in archives. But any other limit can be set in the search options. Also, when refining search results, enabling search archives works reliable.

The available commands in the configuration for buttons, file types, and hotkeys are now classified into categories to make it easier to find commands.

There are new popup menus for the list view tabs.


fixed text view scrolling if the slider buttons are used

other changes:

Worker will show a short message if an external command exits with an exit code != 0 updated Czech translation (Thanks to Petr Korviny)

Собственно основные изменения были чуть раньше - поддержка различных архивов lzma, в этой версии изменения не столь значительны, но удобны

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