Апач не компилится...



Вот что выплевывает при конфигурировании: Using config file: Configuration Creating Makefile + configured for Linux platform + setting C compiler to gcc + setting C pre-processor to NOT-AVAILABLE + using "tr [:lower:] [:upper:]" to uppercase + checking for system header files + adding selected modules o charset_module uses ConfigStart/End + using builtin Expat + checking sizeof various data types + doing sanity check on compiler and options ** A test compilation with your Makefile configuration ** failed. The below error output from the compilation ** test will give you an idea what is failing. Note that ** Apache requires an ANSI C Compiler, such as gcc.

======== Error Output for sanity check ======== cd ..; gcc -DLINUX=22 -DRUSSIAN_APACHE -DUSE_HSREGEX -DUSE_EXPAT -I./lib/expat-lite -DNO_DL_NEEDED -o helpers/dummy helpers/dummy.c -lm /usr/bin/ld: crt1.o: No such file: No such file or directory collect2: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [dummy] Error 1 ============= End of Error Report =============


Компилятор gcc3. Дистрибутив Дебиан стабильный. Что крутить, смотреть?

Re: Апач не компилится...

кажется сам допер

laune ()
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