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Вопрос по жестким дискам.

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Доброго всем времени суток. Подскажите пожалуйста, с помощью какой утилиты или команд можно разобраться с данными ниже? Нужно примерно понять, как можно осуществить данные операции с хардом.

06h Enable Power-up in Standby feature set
07h Power-up in Standby feature set device spin-up
86h Disable Power-up in Standby feature set 

Ответ на: комментарий от RaptorsWings

man hdparm

-s     Enable/disable  the power-on in standby feature, if supported by
              the drive.  VERY DANGEROUS.  Do not use  unless  you  are  abso-
              lutely  certain  that both the system BIOS (or firmware) and the
              operating system kernel (Linux >= 2.6.22)  support  probing  for
              drives  that  use this feature.  When enabled, the drive is pow-
              ered-up in the standby mode to allow the controller to  sequence
              the  spin-up of devices, reducing the instantaneous current draw
              burden when many drives share a power supply.  Primarily for use
              in  large RAID setups.  This feature is usually disabled and the
              drive is powered-up in the active mode  (see  -C  above).   Note
              that  a  drive may also allow enabling this feature by a jumper.
              Some SATA drives support the control of this feature by  pin  11
              of the SATA power connector. In these cases, this command may be
              unsupported or may have no effect.
Случайно не оно? Обратите внимание на VERY DANGEROUS ! Если что мопед не мой я не виноват, сам не пробовал, только за вас ман почитал.

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