session.imageDither: True?? (не специалист по fluxbox), но если там нет такого ключа, то и никак.

man fluxbox

    True or False to, respectively, enable or disable dithering 
of images. Only necessary on systems with small colour depths (8bpp or less) 
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Вот еще что-то. В общем, почитай.

session.colorsPerChannel: <integer>
      This tells fluxbox how many colors to take from the X server on
      pseudo-color displays. A channel would be red, green, or blue. fluxbox
      will allocate this variable ^ 3 and make them always available. Value must
      be between 2-6. When you run fluxbox on an 8bpp display, you must set this
      resource to 4. Default: 4
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Почему в Admin, а не в Desktop?

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